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Sekretær i Storkøbenhavn

Do you have a passion for working with alliance management and startegic relationships in an external environment? Are you enthusiastic about leaving a lasting impact on the business, engaging with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders? If it sounds like you, become a vital member of Novo Nordisk’s Global Strategic Outsourcing & Devices (GSOD) & Strategic Sourcing Inbound Materials & Services (SSIMS) unit in the Alliance, Acquisition, and Product Portfolio Management (AA&PPM) team. Your contributions will contribute to ▶Novo Nordisk◀'s mission to harness external strategic partnerships, therefore, don’t hesitate to join us today! The position To effectively accommodate our expanding and diverse portfolio, we are increasingly leveraging the services of Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and other suppliers, resulting in a growing network of external partners and CMOs including interaction across categories, area, commercial, and development phase, creating a need for enhanced management and strategic direction of the collaboration. As Senior Alliance Partner, you play a pivotal role in ensuring ▶Novo Nordisk◀’s long-term success by overseeing these relationships and securing a strong alliance, ultimately maximizing the value derived from our strategic partners and optimizing the strategic partnerships. Some of your key responsibilities include:

  • Managing alliance relationships, defining alliance roadmaps, overseeing communication, decis...